Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dear Anonymous!

Since the beginning of this year I have started to receive anonymous comments on this blog. None of the comments actually appear in the appropriate section on my blog; rather I just get sent e-mail notifications that I had received one. So far I've gotten 20 of these. Though the majority of the comments are just simple throwaway pleasantries, some of the comments actually ask me direct questions and this is why I felt the need to address them. I asked my son about it and he suggested that it was probably just a machine posting spam comments, but I have no actual way of knowing that for sure. For all I know there could be some kind of glitch in the blog's software and a genuine person's posts are getting lost.

Seeing as how, as I said earlier, the comments don't actually show up here but instead get forwarded to me via e-mail, and because these e-mails are also sent anonymously with a noreply address, I have no way of addressing whoever you are and answering your questions to me (assuming you're even a real person to begin with and not actually machine-generated nonsense).

Anyway, in the off chance that you're a real person, I just wanted to let you know that while I do appreciate the nice comments and compliments, I'd suggest either to please stop sending comments, or to change the way that you attempt to post here so that it actually shows up and I can actually address you.  

Thank You!